Sweetly Smitten Cookies - We decorate your memory with flavor
 Cupcake Trees
Topper Cake-(available in yellow, chocolate or marble)
8" round-$35.00 (serves 20)
10" round-$40.00 (serves 28)
8" square-$40.00 (serves 22)
50-60 cupcakes- your choice of 2 flavors
61-80 cupcakes -your choice of 3 flavors
 81 and over -your choice of 4 flavors 
Cupcakes are also available to order by the dozen.

*Standard Flavors*
$1.50 each

Dark chocolate with butter cream frosting
Dark Chocolate with light cream vanilla frosting
Dark Chocolate with citrus cream frosting
Dark Chocolate with peanut butter frosting
Dark chocolate with light raspberry cream frosting
Dark chocolate with mint cream frosting
Dark Chocolate with mocha cream frosting
Dark Chocolate with strawberry cream frosting
Vanilla with butter cream frosting
Vanilla with light cream vanilla frosting
Vanilla with citrus cream frosting
Vanilla with peanut butter frosting
Vanilla with light raspberry frosting
Vanilla with mocha frosting
Vanilla with mint cream frosting
Vanilla with strawberry frosting

Special Flavors
$2.00 each
Cookies & Cream-Vanilla cupcake with sandwich cookie base, iced with a cookies and cream frosting and topped off with a cookie 
Red Velvet-Red Velvet cupcake with a whipped cream cheese frosting, topped with mini chocolate chips
Carrot Cake-Moist Carrot Cake with a whipped Cream cheese frosting
Peanut Butter Banana-Moist Banana cupcake with a whipped peanut butter frosting
Banana-Moist Banana cupcake with a whipped cream cheese frosting 
Guinness-Deep Chocolate cupcake with a touch of stout beer and topped with a whipped cream cheese frosting
Strawberry Shortcake-Vanilla Cake with a strawberry pie filling and topped with a strawberry butter cream frosting 

Strawberry Sundae- Fresh strawberry cupcake with a butter cream icing, drizzled with chocolate ganach and topped with colored jimmies and a cherry candy
Lemon Raspberry-Lemon cake with a raspberry filling topped with a raspberry butter cream icing 
Spice it up-Dark Chocolate cupcake with a chili pepper kick, topped with a cinnamon Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting
Coconut Cream -Wet Coconut cake with a whipped creamy frosting, topped with toasted coconut and chocolate drizzle

Blueberry Lemon- Blueberry cupcake with Lemon curd filling and a light lemon whipped icing topped with shimmery jimmies and a candy topper
  Black Bottom-Moist Dark Chocolate cake with sweet cream cheese baked into it and mini chocolate chips
$2.50 each

Mounds-Dark chocolate cake with a wet coconut filling topped with a rich dark chocolate ganache and finished off with fresh coconut
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-Dark Chocolate cupcake with a cookie dough filling, topped with a cookie dough butter cream frosting and finished off with a mini chocolate chip cookie
Peppermint Patty-Dark Chocolate Cupcake with a minty cream filling topped with a rich chocolate ganach frosting and finished off with a chocolate peppermint candy
Lemon Raspberry Delight-Vanilla Cake with a lemon mascarpone filling topped with a raspberry cream frosting
Tropical Paradise-Mandarin Orange infused cupcake topped with a pineapple, coconut whipped frosting and sprinkled with coconut
Tiramisu-Coffee infused cake with a whippedmascarpone frosting topped with a lady finger and sprinkled with cinnamon
Strawberry Champagne-Strawberry Champagne cupcake with fresh strawberries, strawberry champagne butter cream frosting and topped with dark chocolate shavings
Mojito-Moist white cupcake with a touch of lime, rum and mint toped with a whipped creamy frosting and finished off with a mint leave
Mimosa-moist white cupcake with a little touch of freshed squeezed orange juice and champagne topped with champagne butter cream frosting, and topped with a candy orange slice 
Pina Colada-Moist yellow cupcake filled with a creamy pineapple coconut curd filling and topped with a whipped cream rum frosting and finished off with shredded coconut
$2.00 each

Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
Blueberry Crumb
Apple Walnut
Lemon Poppy seed
Pumpkin Cheesecake
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