Sweetly Smitten Cookies - We decorate your memory with flavor
“OMG! that was the best cake I ever tasted, and the cookies were great also. Thanks again!”
-Denise Huertas
"Those cookies were amazing! They were such a big hit! Thank you so much again! I have a feeling we will be using you for every show now! You're the best!"
-Sara Keller
"The most delicious music cookies ever!!"
-Elisa Fries
"The cake was a big hit...Thank you soooo much!!! Nathan showed it off to everyone."
"Attached is a picture of the cake you created for my daughter's graduation party. Everybody raved about it. The cake was very moist and the icing, even though it was buttercream, wasn't too sweet. You captured the design perfectly. Can't wait to see the cake for my son Kyle's 21st!"
-Laurie Ohlandt
"Unlike most bakeries Sweetly Smitten baked goods not only look beautiful, they are irresistibly delicious! Unique cupcake flavors such as: Guinness, Mocha, Strawberry Champagne, Margarita...just to name a few. Sweet and Moist! Fun to Fancy...Topped with iridescent sprinkles to sparkly sugar! Will beautify your table and be the topic of conversation at any event"
-Melanie Tone
"Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding cake!!! I LOVE IT!!! And the cupcakes and the cake were DELICIOUS!!! You are amazing!-Lori Mosser
"This was a hit?? Thank you for doing an awesome job!"-Amber
"They were perfect!! Thank you so much! They looked exactly how I wanted And they were delicious too! We will definitely be calling you again! Thank you! -Rachel
"My son had about 30 guests and everyone raves about the cake. they all said it was awesome! Thanks again!"-Laurie Ohlandt
"Cake was both beautiful and delicious..I highly recommend the almond cake with raspberry filling"-Denise Morris
"It was not only beautiful, it was delicious! Great job Sal"-Cindy Armbruster.
"Could they "bee" any cuter? They were perfect!"-Kristen
"Sally, These cookies were just awesome!! They were just perfect and delicious!! Everyone loved them and they were a big hit at my daughters baby shower. Thank you so much and you will hear from me soon!! The cookies were amazing!!"-Kathleen Stewart Clark
"The cookies were a big hit! They were so beautiful and delicious they just made the whole event special."-Ann Ruggiero

"oh my Gosh, the cookies were such a huge hit! It's all everyone talked about all night! Thanks again"-Jenny Kindt 
 "Sally, the cookies were beautiful and delicious! I don't know how you do it!"-Terri Shaffer

"Sally, the cookies and cake were a hit! I got so many compliments on the cake especially and even my vegan daughter in law (guest of honor) took some of the chocolate cake because she loved it. Thanks again! " -Janet Morton 

"Hi Sally! We loved the cake and were so thrilled with the design and quality of the cake!! Thanks again for working with us last minute. I plan on doing a FB post soon to recommend you to others in our area. Thanks again!!" Michelle Walker  

"Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I'm going to be calling you you for my daughters party!!!!-Angela
 "So yummy and super cute! They were quite the hit of the party and perfectly fit in with everything! I appreciate all you did so much Sally!"- Cheryl Marino

"Everyone was amazed at the cookies and kept saying they tasted as good as they looked"-Amanda

"The cake was a huge success! My daughter is hard to get a rise out of and she loved it. As like before, it tasted great! Your hard work was really appreciated!-Karen

Just love the cookie tray!! I had to stop at my moms house just to show her! Love it!!!

"They were a huge hit!! Thank you..my mom loved them!!!"-Josette

They tasted great and they looked adorable!- Kim

'Everyone loved it!!!!!! Amazing party!'- Karen Allen

"You pulled off  very special surprise, above and beyond the amazing cookies! I am forever thankful and "sweetly smitten"-Nancy Sweet

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